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Sick of Missing Out?

Have You have seen 100s of property, spent endless hours and still can’t find the property you are looking for. Often these feelings can result in settling for something that is not quite what you were after, comprising to live in a house where was not happy with. BMPP have access to 1000s of properties (On Market, Off Market, Premarket, Post Market, Agent Connections), Buy me a property team will work hard to help you buy your “Dream Home”.

Time Poor Professionals?

“ I work 50 hours a week and don’t have time to go and look for property.”  We have heard this many times. Buying property can take lot of time and sometimes this can be costly for you as you end take time from your work or delay your decision to buy.  Purchase delay can lead to an increase in house price, with additional savings being lost in the increase. Book an “ AFTER HOURS MEETING” with our team and let us give you back your precious time.

Fearful of Overpaying?

A lot of buyers worry that they are paying too much for the property and that the seller is asking for more than what the house is worth. The only solution for that is undertaking sufficient research before you decide on what to purchase. Our team through extensive research, knowledge and expertise can tell you what a property is worth and how much you should be paying. We also endeavour to show you comparable properties to validate this price which can to help you make this decision.

Who We Help?

First Home Buyers


Looking to buy your first home & have no idea where to start. Our team can provide expert advice & guide you through the buying process to ensure you end up living in the house you can call a “home”. Choose our “End to End” Property purchase service so that we can make the property purchase process fun for you. Contact us Now.


Whether you are first time investor, Experienced investor or even a high net worth investor, the Buy me a property team can provide property advice, contacts and the support so that you can grow your portfolio quickly. With access to many off-market opportunities, Buy me a property focuses on securing Positive/Negative cash flow properties as per your needs

Based Overseas or Interstate Reallocation


Whether you are moving from overseas or reallocating from other state, our team can help you understand the market, decide on a location and guide you to buy your new home. Whether this is established property, renovation property, new house and land packages or apartments, Our team can organise time convenient to you to discuss your needs.


Don’t want to handle the heat of property purchase where you may end up spending endless hours negotiating, evaluating contracts, inspecting properties, talking to conveyancers, lawyers and many more. In fact if you prefer Buyer’s agent to look after this and want to sit on couch watching Netflix  we have you covered. Contact us today.

Our Services

End to End Property Purchase

Start to End Property Purchase

Our full service includes weekly searching of the internet and sourcing off-market properties, unlimited inspections, full assessment with detailed reports and negotiating the successful purchase.

We keep working until a property has been purchased, settled, and handed over to you. We also call this service search to settlement service. 

Assess and Negotitate Only

Assess and Negotiate Only

The assess and negotiate service is suitable if you would like to do the find the property yourself or have already found the property you would like to buy.

We can negotiate the deal on your Behalf.  In this service we  inspect the property, prepare a detailed property and price analysis then negotiate the purchase on your behalf.

Auction Bidding Only

Auction Bidding Only

This service is for those who are uncomfortable with the auction bidding process or are simply not available on the day of the auction.

Our professional and experienced buyer’s agent will bid on behalf of you and make sure we get the best price for property.


Who we are

Buy me a property (BMAP) is located in the heart of Melbourne and offers a leading buyers advocacy service.  Our aim is to find the right property, negotiate the best possible price and offer you a stress-free buying experience. The team at BMAP are committed to building relationships with key people in the industry. Our positive relationships with real estate agencies across Melbourne ensure we have access to off-market listings to provide our clients with the greatest range of properties that suit a range of needs and budgets. Investors also benefit from our experience in locating development projects. From knockdowns, renovations and new builds, our team are equipped to support your development goals. All our buyers agent’s are licensed and extensively trained in providing the buyers advocacy services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Buyer’s Agent, also known as a Buyer’s Advocate are real estate buying specialists hired by a prospective home-buyer or investor to undertake property due diligence and negotiate the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer – they’re also a licensed property professional who’s engaged by the only buyer to help them find the best available property and negotiate it at the lowest possible price with the best terms and conditions.

A good Buyer’s Agent / Advocate will be able to quickly and methodically find you the right property at the right price, while at the same time independently representing your best interests at all times. They will also provide you with objectivity and complete transparency throughout your buying journey, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Real Estate Agents (Selling) are contracted to work for property owner’s or vendor which means they are acting in best interest of Vendor to get them highest price. This infact means that they make more money/commission if they sell the property to you at maximum price. On the flip side, Buyers agent work for the advantage of Buyers (You). We use their extensive knowledge, expertise in guiding you to buy the property at right price. Whether you be an investor or first home buyer, We help you to buy the right property. With access to many real time and confidential sales data , Buyers agent can provide your reports that will help you to make an informed decision rather than emotional one.

Our Fees are tailored according to each client needs. We endeavour to be transparent throughout your buying journey. Contact us now to discuss what we can offer to you.

We understand that some of our client are working 9-5 and cannot commit time during the working hours. Specially tailored for professionals, Our after hours service is a “ Free Zoom Session” where we discuss about client bried and tell them how we can help them in their buying experience.

Buy me a property including all its buyers’ agents are fully licensed to operate in Victoria and Queensland. As we grow, we will endeavour to reach our buyers in other states also.

Until the right home is found, purchased and settled, our support will be ongoing.

We will be more than happy to discuss any property or real estate enquiries.

If you have any questions in relation to our services, we would be happy to answer them.

We guarantee a response within 24 hours of contacting us. Send us your inquiry via the contact us form or directly.

Your inquiry is important to us. Please feel welcome to contact us via call or SMS anytime.

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